Upon arrival to spa #2, we realized that the door was also locked and we had to ring the bell. Apart from being closed-door businesses, these places had something else in common: they all had big Thai flags by the entrance. The strange thing was that the door was closed and we had to ring the bell. Thai massage parlours in, malmö, Sweden's third largest city. Local police receive "several tip-offs a week" but do

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not prioritize the matter, they told the paper. I work hard and I'm proud of my profession Pornpinum Meejaii said.

Every fifth, thai massage parlour in, malmö, southern Sweden, accepts requests for sexual gratification at the end of a session, a Swedish newspaper reported on Thursday. It didnt look too fancy on the outside, but for that price I guess we couldnt expect something too luxurious. How come there are so many massage parlors in Stockholm? We are here for a massage!, I said. Lets go get a massage! Even though flights between the capitals of Finland and Sweden take less than one hour, we arrived in Stockholm to (yet another) disaster Airbnb. On different online fora, customers share information about the best places in the city, with one stating that a 30-minute massage with a happy ending set him back 700 kronor (107). Hi, you do massages, right?, I went straight to the point.

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After 2 days of sleeping in a ridiculously soft mattress, we started wondering whats the deal with beds in Sweden. A quick search on Google Maps indicated that there were actually an unusually high number of spas in the area around our hotel, most specializing in Thai massage. A couple that has traveled in Asia so much would naturally think of this: F*ck it! With no host in sight we called Airbnb, got a refund and moved to a hotel. After checking the closest one and seeing that the price for a 1 hour massage would be around 40, we thought score! No, this was not our happy ending. Oh well, we made our way to the next massage parlor, just down the road. And so we dragged our tired but eager bodies a mere 300 meters and reached the spa. När man inte är helt flytande på svenska men vill tacka någon som hjälpte till jättemycket. När någon frågar vad man tyckte om partiledardebatten 157 2 comments Özzregn 98 34 comments, när Karl-Petter har skrivit ditt manus 230 39 comments, jag var anti-social och blyg tills jag börja kolla på ex on the beach comments.

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